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The Archeology of Photography Foundation (Archeologia Fotografii) was founded in 2008 in response to an actual need for protecting and bringing to light archives left behind by leading Polish photographers.

The foundation's aims are:
- to make the heritage left behind by photographers accessible
- to issue licenses for use of the photographs of researched authors
- to initiate art and research projects on the basis of these archives

- to digitize photographs and make them accessible via databases on-line

- to archive and preserve negatives, positives and documents

- to develop archiving standards for photographs

These aims translate into advise for photographers or their relatives and into exhibitions and publications with the discovered and offered materials. Most images are digitalized and freely accessible through their website. By offering this easy access the foundation hopes to attract curators and researchers world wide to work with the materials offered and thus promote Polish Photography.

Every exhibition is shown at Galeria Asymetria and the region where the photographs were taken. At that location classes for schools are organized to familiarize them with the photographs and the history of their surroundings.

The Polish situation in photography is a bit diffuse because of WOII and the Communist Era. Photographers who were known in their time in some occasions had to flea and are now forgotten. The Foundation hopes to retrieve these pearls from the land of lore by presenting their work and by inviting a contemporary photographer to react on it.

Director Karolina Lewandowska was curator of photography at the Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw until April 2010. The Foundation was then granted a 1 1/2 year subsidy which allowed her to work full time on

Deputy director is Karolina Puchala-Rojek, an art historian specialized in the history of woman photographers.

You will find the Foundation at ul. Nowogrodzka 18a, appt. 8a, which also houses Galeria Asymetria.
country: Poland
city: Warsaw
adress: ul. Nowogrodzka 18a
phone: +48 (0)226281464

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