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FOTODOK is a young, Utrecht-based initiative for documentary photography with international ambitions. FOTODOK is founded by Rob Hornstra, a Utrecht based Photographer, and art historian and independent curator Femke Lutgerink, whom is general and creative director. With a small team with among others Bart Sleegers, Lise van den Hout and Elsbeth Pijnappels FOTODOK’s focus is on the world of documentary photography.

Concept and Vision
FOTODOK’s mission is to introduce documentary photography by leading national and international photographers to a wide audience. Every year, FOTODOK realizes a substantive but accessible exhibition and events program. The programming focuses on the long term as well as having the flexibility to respond to current events. The programming takes place in different locations around the city, with the permanent goal of raising the profile of documentary photography. In addition, FOTODOK aims to play an important role in the field of visual literacy, by developing interesting exhibitions, educational programs and organizing readings and debates.

At school, we are taught how to read a poem or interpret a literary text. Information about the period, the writer’s background and the symbolic meaning of words enable us to understand the text and to distinguish between works of literature. In photography, this rarely happens. The majority of people consider a beautiful photo to be a good photo. Visual literacy is crucial for being able to ‘read’ documentary photography, but also for assessing the value of photographs on the internet or in advertisements.

By focusing exclusively on documentary photography, FOTODOK aims to add depth to the debate and to become a leader in this area in the Netherlands with a strong (inter)national network.
country: The Netherlands
city: Utrecht

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